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My (lack of) creativity is killing you already, is it not?

Truth be told, I love to write.

I’ve never been one who loves to “hear myself talk” nor do I even remotely enjoy being around others who “love to hear themselves talk”. Self-indulgence creates too many blindspots but I suppose I’ll save these thoughts for another post (shameless plug for my ongoing work).

I became highly interested in the increasingly growing trend of digital content creators that range from podcasters to bloggers. Unfortunately my “get it done” attitude prevented me from diving deep into the “creative” world since I never imagined any of my own “creative” work would generate any notable interest or (most importantly in my eyes) wealth.

Be that as it may, here I am writing on an overly warm afternoon in late-September 2022.

My current life is great… challenging, yes… but great (insert Olivander quote from Harry Potter). I’ve got a beautiful wife, 2 wonderful children, 2 hilarious dogs, 1 business that I 100% own, another with a minority ownership stake, a pretty sweet non-profit venture, …and a now a blog. It’s as if I wasn’t busy enough.

What’s my goal here?

Other than sharing my thoughts (which can be a bit random at times) I honestly hope to bring a bit of life into someone’s dark world. Perhaps any lessons that I’ve gleaned can be a guiding light to another. Maybe, just maybe, I can bring a smile to you on a dreary day.

I’ve recently learned to embrace my perceived lack of creativity. This really used to bother me but I’ve since realized that I do not exhibit a lack of creativity but rather a strong desire for results. I don’t regularly “dream” and “fantasize” about what could be but rather choose to get up and begin making forward progress.

Perhaps this causes me to think in a less innovative manner but I’ve found my approach in both my professional and personal lives has lent itself useful. I’ll share a story or two along the way and I hope to hear many more throughout this digital journey.

Why am I doing this now?

My wife will tell you that I tend to air on the side of being tense. This is true. I regularly pull new projects my way and the deadlines have caused me to burn a few too many midnight (or 2am) candles. So why pull another project onto my plate?

I attribute much of the recent urgency to kickoff my digital career to Mark Tillbury and Ali Abdaal (neither of these gentlemen have offered me a paid endorsement or are aware of my existence [yet!]).

If you don’t know either of them then I highly suggest you click on the above links for their respective YouTube channels.

Mark is all about building wealth and making it digestible even for the least of us. Ali is simply fascinating and presents subject matter that I find most interesting – it was this video that finally convinced me to begin my blog.

What’s coming next?

I’m not entirely sure. I don’t have a roadmap or white board with a massive digital engagement strategy laid out. I’m currently not an affiliate and I suck at fishing so don’t worry about any bait and switch techniques.

I love my professional ventures – they are both incredibly challenging but brought about incredible personal growth over the last few years.

My family is amazing. I’m pretty private about my personal life but I may share a story or two from our lives together.

Politics. Finance. These things are cool but I don’t plan on turning my blog into a hostile debate space. Save that stuff for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

My bio mentions my video game life hack. I may create an article about these interests.

FC Barcelona was my first futball love.
I fancy Newcastle United.
Tennessee Vols football FINALLY looks like it’s on the rise #VAWLSAREBACK

My mind is racing. Let’s see where it takes us.
Until next time…

Be well,

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Hello world!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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